How I Cleared My Acne!

When I started high school, I looked like the stereotypical prepubescent teenager. My face resembled a pepperoni pizza… that’s how much acne I had.

No. It wasn’t that I was unsanitary. I washed my face and showered every day.

I legitimately tried all of the pharmaceutical acne treatments such as: Clean N Clear, Neutrogena, and Clearasil. I even washed my face as much as I could with water.

It seemed like nothing was working for me.

My acne really affected my self-image as a teenager. I believed it was apart of the reason why I never really dated within my own high school much: I thought no one wanted to because of my face.

I tried caking my face in cheap Wal-Mart make-up products to hide away the angry red polka-dot spots that covered my face. If you know anything about the majority of cheap make-up brands:

  • Their “full-coverage” foundation isn’t actually full-coverage.
  • It makes your skin more oily and prone to break out even more.

By the time I was a senior in high school, my face had acne scars and huge zits everywhere. I was hopeless, insecure, and wanting a change with my looks.

Here are some natural toxin-free methods that I have tried and regularly use on a day-to-day basis to knock out acne:

Apple Cider Vinegar and Water

Seriously. I know I have probably brought up Apple Cider Vinegar in almost every blog post that I have posted as of yet. However, apple cider vinegar is considered a sacred gem in my household. You can seriously use it for virtually anything.

Mix 1 Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 2-3 Tablespoons of water. Sometimes I put a little droplet of the vinegar neat (undiluted) if there are some pesky zits. Apply this on at least two times a day with a towel. I definitely recommend the use of a towel instead of using dirty fingers as that can indirectly lead to even dirtier pores.

Whenever I do this (which is whenever I get an outbreak), my breakout goes away within three days.


Ditch Dairy

I know. You don’t want to give up the cheese, yogurt, or milk. However, it has been shown that milk products have hormones that can cause inflammation and clogging of the pores in your skin.

I have also noticed other benefits of ditching dairy, however that’s for another post and another time! This was the first method that I researched and used after high school in an attempt to get rid of my hideous acne.

Within four days of cutting out dairy, the majority of my breakouts went away. A few months later, my acne scars faded as well. Now whenever I get a small breakout, I exclusively use apple cider vinegar and water to clear it up!


Drinking More Water and Upping Fruit Intake

Water has been known to flush out the toxins in your body. If you do not drink enough water, your body will not fully eliminate the toxins that inhabit our bodies. Therefore, this is a huge reason as to why it is so crucial to drink as much water as possible!

Fruits naturally contain antioxidants which are amazing at kicking out the toxins that are in your body.


Cut Out the Processed Crap or at the Very Least Limit it

As everyone knows, processed food is absolutely terrible for you. The biologically and genetically engineered chemicals that are often times used exclusively as preservatives and coloring are not that great for your skin. A lot of times in processed foods, there is a lot more sugar, oil, and salt. Chemicals are not necessarily meant to be ingested.

Ingesting any sort of unnatural chemical can cause your pore clogs to suffocate. Eating an unhealthy diet inevitably affects your body in a negative way.  I have definitely noticed that whenever I do indulge in processed foods on the occasion (don’t judge me cravings are the worst), I do tend to breakout nearly every time.

Note to Self: Cut processed food completely out (I rarely eat it as it is however, it definitely is an ambition of mine to cut it out). It’s bad.

What do you do to clear your acne? What have you tried?

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